I have known Hilda for pretty much as much of my life as I can remember. She has always been like a sister to me and has shared a plethora of knowledge about nutrition, working out and living a healthy lifestyle. She trained me a bit in high school, and when I had the pleasure of living with her for a few months in college, she really educated me so much on what it means to be healthy. We worked out pretty much every single day together and she taught me countless exercises for my ENTIRE body that really made such a difference. She cooked me the best and healthiest meals ever, and really taught me how and what to eat. Hilda taught me the importance of eating and eating healthy and was also the one who introduced me to modeling and invited me to my first photo shoot, of which I am so grateful for. She has always given the best advice when it comes to food, working out, boys, school and just life in general and she really showed me how to push my body to the max physically. Hilda was also the one that introduced me to DFINE8 which is now a really big part of my diet and exercise regime, and it actually works! I take it 1-2 times daily and it really does the job! Hilda was definitely the one that sparked my interest in fitness and modeling and has been a tremendous role model! Her hard work and dedication as a women, model, trainer, wife and mother is really evident and am very lucky to have such a mentor.

– Lunden Souza – Lundenmichelle.blogspot.com

My Name is Allie Marque Ramirez and I’m a 21 year old Fashion Design student and Cosmetologist from San Francisco California. I’ve known Hilda since I was about 7 years old, from the days when she would babysit me as a kid, to later on having her as a roommate, Hilda has always been extremely inspirational, generous and passionate about what she does. I’ve always had personal battles with myself about my weight, I’m not a thin girl, and have always had to be overly cautious about the way that I eat because I tend to put on weight quickly. When I was about 17 years old, Hilda became my personal trainer, we would work out 4-5 times a week for an hour and a half each time. Every workout, Hilda would introduce me to new workouts that would help me to reach my ultimate body image. She was always encouraging me with kind words, ensuring me that I would reach my goals. One thing that Hilda would say that has stuck with me to this day is “Just when you think that you can’t do any more, DO ONE MORE!” In no time at all I had dropped the excess weight, toned up, and gained a whole new confidence that I had not yet experienced. Not only did she teach me how to enjoy my workouts, she also taught me key factors about nutrition, eating right and being HEALTHY, and gave me delicious recipes that showed me that eating healthy DOESN’T have to be boring. The knowledge that Hilda shared with me while we were training together has been a huge part of my life to this very day. Every time I have questions about fitness and health, or I just want to learn some new work outs to help me on my personal journey with my body, I always go to Hilda. Whenever I am in my hometown, I always try to pay Hilda a visit to workout together and share new stories. To this day Hilda continues to encourage and inspire me, she has taught me so much, and it is because of her that I am able to live a healthy happy lifestyle that helps me to feel great about myself, and finally be comfortable and confident about my body! Thanks Hilda =)

-Allie Marque Ramirez – www.alliemarque.com

My name is Paul Hernandez III, I’m a male in my 30’s, and have participated in a wide range of organized  high school athletics such as baseball, football, basketball, and golf. I have also competed at the national level as a junior golfer and was a team member for the San Jose State Spartans, and during my attendance was ranked in the top ten at the NCAA division IA level. My experience with trainers and kinesiologist to improve range of motion,strength, conditioning has been extensive through my years involved in athletics. Currently, I enjoy competing on the NCGA Amateur Golf circut and staying fit as a way of a life.  After years without professional conditioning help and trying to educate myself with fitness resources, I incured some minor injuries during competion. It was then I realized that seeking out a professional to aid me with a structured and balanced work out was necessary for me to stay healthy and perform at my best.  I sought out a trainer at my local gym to customize a plan for me and help me take my body to the next level.  I was blessed to find Hilda Castillo, a new fitness trainer to the Merced Area. I explained to Hilda my past injuries, areas of weaknesses in conditioning, and goals regarding my muscle strength and range of motion. She promptly created a structured plan for me before our first workout and we went to work. After rigorous weight training, a tough core regimate, and cross training at the local junior college track, Hilda was able to get my body on track to sustain the rigours of daily practice and long competitions. Not only did Hilda help push me to the limit with weight training, she helped me see the importance of tough core exercise to build stamina to support my muscles during competition and weght training. After working out it was nice to feel strong and to see the muscle tone she help me build.:) Hilda from the beginning to the end of my training was  punctual , professional, and joy to work with in helping me improve my goals. Her personality helped to encourage  and push me during challenging workouts. She is still a friend till this day, and I would recommend her to anyone weight training or conditioning for the first time or looking for professional training for professional athletics.

-Live Strong, Paul Hernandez III

photoThank goodness for social media, right? If not, I wouldn’t have found Hilda on Facebook,  Twitter or directed to her website! Little did I know the day I found her, she will have changed my entire life! Aspect of Fitness, Nutrition, being a better mother and wife! Fitness- look at her, right?! She is stunning! Obviously, she practices what she preaches and I officially have muscles i didnt know existed! Nutrition- this is where she changed mine and my families life. We eat so clean and organically because of her! Seriously, just talking to her in person I can feel her enthusiasm for food! My son now has an AMAZING diet! 9 out of 10 kids don’t receive the daily serving of fruits and vegetables of 8, he gets anywhere from 9-17 depending on our day. BUT I make sure he’s loaded. My husband hardly gets heartburn anymore!! I’m telling you, LISTEN to what she says! She is the reason I now have an “Educational Plan” to get my BA in Nutrition. I take what she says to heart, I really care that eating certain foods can harm us in so many ways. I love my family and I want them to live long, happy, healthy lives! I am writing this in hopes it will be someone’s incentive to do better because I promise you will NOT be disappointed with Hilda guiding you! Don’t forget your tub of d-fine8! 😀
-Megan Rivera –  www.meganmasonmike.tumblr.com