My name is Sandra,  I’ve been taking Dfine for about 4 months now and its the best supplement i’ve ever taken! I didnt start taking it to lose weight but more because I needed the energy and mood enhancers. I take it every morning when I wake up, and as I get ready for work I feel the energy I need to get through my day!  The mood enhancers get me more motivated to get my tasks done throughout the day!  After the first week I realized I wasn’t eating as much as I used to , I would eat the same amount of times but I would eat smaller portions. Without even knowing or trying, I lost 10 pounds in the first 3 months!  I was in complete shock because I did not exercise at all in that time!  I recommend this supplement to anyone who seeks energy without the crash, works out or is trying to lose thast stubborn weight!  It is the KEY to your success!  You have nothing to lose, but the weight!!! -Sandra Ochoa


Hello my name is sarah noel-sinclair.  I am 5″11″ and weighed 215 & this is my dine 8 success story. It was february of 2009 and of all places a baby shower, is when I first heard about dfine8. I was five months post partum and breast feeding and the weight would not come off. I had gained 60 lbs during my pregancy and only lost 15 of it, very depressing.  So I was at 215, I tried excersing, changing my eating habits even breast feeding more regularly but no way was the weight comming off.  I deperately needed the weight to come off because I was getting marriad in october and my dress was a size 10 pre baby and I was then currently a 16 so the urgency off getting the weight off.   So I asked my friend hilda what her secret was she told me d fine8.  I thought what was dfine 8 never heard of it, she told me it helps boost metabolism and burns fat without giving the jitters.  I was still breasfedding  at the time so I was unable to start.  May came around the milk stopped and I started d-fine  two weeks later.  From mid may at 215 size 16 to october 17 the day of my wedding I went from 215 to 180 and a size 10 dress….. i did not have to excersise or dramatically change my diet I am very happy with my results….I continue to take it today because I love the energy that it gives me and it helps me keep up with my 19 month old son who seems to never slow down.


In late December i stood on the scale and almost passed out. The number on it had to be wrong!!!! I immediately knew I had to do something not just to be skinny but to be healthy. So the first person I turned too was a new friend, Hilda. I’m not too wealthy so I asked if she could just give me a few pointers and I told her I understood if not because she had to make money as well. So being the awesome person Hilda is she sent me to her web site. Her web site is full of awesome healthy things to eat and exercises that anyone can do at home. The best thing about all this information is that it was just in my price range free!!!!! I felt comfortable asking her questions and she would point me in the right direction. There was no way I couldn’t lose weight now!!!! Well being the impatient person I am I wanted results tomorrow!!!! So I had to do something more. In addition to eating healthy I started taking Dfine8. I’m so in love with this product. I work full time I’m a full time student and a mother of a two year old so energy was no where to be found in my life for working out. This product has changed my life. The energy it gives is amazing and I don’t feel all shaky like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. The appetite suppressant and mood enhancers have worked fabulous for me when I’m at work. I work as a waitress and its always been a battle to make healthy decisions when fried foods are a common mistake that have to be eaten. The mood enhancers just make it that much easier to smile even when I have a customer that is just having a bad day and needs someone like me to take it out on. I just keep being nice and smile and they usually break down and start to be friendlier. I’ve introduced this product to many of my friends and co works and we all love it. The variety of flavors is just an added bonus. As of today March 22 I’m now down 22 lbs and I really couldn’t have done it without Hilda and her comments of motivation. Her comments was just another reason to keep going because it made me feel like someone really cared about my health and well being. Her web page and Difine combined with her sincerity will make a difference in my life forever. Hilda doesn’t know how much she touched my life, one day Hilda my daughter will thank you for making her mommy healthy and happy again. -Michelle