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I have found my new FAVORITE  brand of workout/yoga apparel!!!  Marika!!!

marika collage

I recently got a new outfit to exercise in and I will never look back. Of course I know there are MANY great brands out there and I own several of them but the outfit I recently got, I seriously want to live in!!!

The material is super soft, comfortable, breathable and flexible.  Perfect for doing any activity from yoga to weight training.  Not to mention the fact that it is very flattering and fits perfectly. Did I mention the material is SUPER soft?



Medicine ball twitsimage_2

image_3Undulation rope



Push upsimage_6

Bosu squats



Even Yoga head stands

You can seriously do ANY type of activity in this brand, I tested it myself.  I also love that they are cute enough to wear around town.  You don’t JUST have to wear them to workout in. 😀

I want a pair of these pants for every day of the week and in both lengths, capri and full length AND this shirt in EVERY color!  A girl can dream right? 😉  It’s also time, to get my little one her first Marika gear now that I know how great it is and I LOVE it!!! 😀

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