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I wrote this August 11th 2014 and am not sure why I never posted it. Better late than never I suppose.  When you read it, keep in mind that this was written over a year ago.

Here it is . . .

Down another pound!!! For 8 pounds TOTAL, JUST taking the new ketrim!!!

As a personal trainer, it takes A LOT of courage to admit you “fell off the wagon” and gained weight.  The truth is(as I’ve posted once before, last year) that when my Lucy, my fur baby got sick with cancer, I went into a very deep depression. Big time!!!  I ended up being put on depression medication which made me gain weight.  I weighed the options, remain horribly depressed, which was leaving me barely functioning OR take the medication and gain weight BUT feel better mentally. I wanted to feel better mentally, I felt so bad that gaining weight felt like the lesser evil.

I gained over 20 pounds. After gaining over 20 lbs I started getting depressed about the weight gain so I needed to make another change.  I stopped the depression medication about 4-5 months ago so the weight gain stopped AND even more good news is that since I started taking Ketrim, I’ve lost EIGHT of those pounds without changing a darn thing lifestyle wise.  I still only work out about once a week, if I am lucky and eat healthy of course.  My lifestyle is far from sedentary but I don’t actually “workout” more than once a week.  I still miss Lucy every single day but I’ve learned to deal with the pain better, for the most part.  Now that the weight is falling off I’m in an even better place mentally again. #accountable #ketrim #results #keepingitreal


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