Stop wasting your time following a “program” designed for someone else!  Let me help you reach our individual goals.  Whatever your goal is: losing fat, gaining muscle, improving strength, improving athletic performance, increasing stamina and energy OR general health and well being,  I will help you achieve your goals!



ONE ON ONE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION (local customers can opt for face to face consultations)

  • Measurements & body fat test (local** customers only)
  • Sample grocery list
  • 50 Recipes
  • Detailed nutrition advice/tips – explanations about the difference between healthy foods & unhealthy foods, question & answer session, which foods you should eat and WHEN you should eat them & MUCH more.

PRICE: $80.00


  • Everything included in the above consultation EXCEPT  the recipes

PRICE: $60.00

“EATING HEALTHY” PACKAGE – Hilda’s Healthy Recipe Book(PDF)

50 guilt free recipes – Most of these recipes can be found on my website.

This package is convenient in that I have put it in a tidy PDF format to help get rid of the hassle of searching my site for specific recipes.

PLUS I have included a sample grocery list AND useful tips throughout.

PRICE: $25.00


I often get asked “what I eat to maintain my figure” so I created a detailed, sample meal plan designed to show you what a “good week” looks like.


  • 1 week detailed “menu” including breakfast, lunch , dinner AND 2 snacks.
  • Grocery list to get started on the plan
  • Nutrient breakdown for each day AND each meal – calories, fat, carbs, fiber & protein
  • Recipes within the meal plan plus a few extras!
  • 1 full page of notes, tips & recommendations

Use this meal plan to kick off your healthy lifestyle!  After the first week, you can either stick to the plan I created OR feel free to mix & match the meals/snacks within the plan(PLUS the extra recipes) to create new weeks for yourself!  Don’t forget that you can create your OWN healthy dishes too!!!  Just READ LABELS & experiment!!!


  • This is NOT a low carb diet, it is a healthy & well rounded meal guide full of “good” carbs – whole grains/fruits/veggies, lean protein, fiber and good fats.
  • This plan also includes a little fish, nuts & dairy products such as cottage cheese and other cheeses.
  • If you do not have constant access to a refrigerator, you will need an ice chest or cooler lunch box for this plan.

Please consult your physician before embarking on ANY NEW eating/exercise/supplement program, including this one!

Plans are broken down by calories.  To lose weight, I suggest eating about 300-500 calories less per day than what you would need to maintain your weight, based upon weight, height, age, gender, and activity level.  I DO NOT advocate EXTREME calorie deficit diets!  If you want to GAIN weight, add 300-500 healthy calories per day.

Go to one (or more) of the links below to figure out your BMR as well as which calorie plan best suit your needs/goals.

Free dieting

Calorie count

Calorie needs calculator



1,300 – 1,500 calorie meal guide

*coming soon*

1,500 – 1,700 calorie meal guide – $25.00

1,700 – 1,900 calorie meal guide – $25.00

1,900 – 2,100 calorie meal guide

*coming soon*

2,100 – 2, 300 calorie meal guide

*coming soon*

After you select and purchase the plan you feel is right for you, it will be emailed to you as a printable PDF file WITHIN 72 hours(3 days). PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL AT CHECKOUT!



Weekly food log analysis.  Available ONLY to clients who have previously purchased/completed a nutrition consultaion.

  • Done via telephone conversation OR email – your choice
  • I go over your food log with you in detail to help you figure out what you are doing right & what you can still improve on.  This service can be used as a short term learning tool or a way to hold you accountable(if you are being honest) in your everyday eating habits.

*This service is complementary to ALL active personal training clients who have ALSO completed a nutrition consultation*

*A one time(3 days diet analysis) trail is also offered complimentary to ALL personal training clients(who have NOT completed a nutrition consultation)*


* Customers who opt to meet face to face will receive printouts , others will receive everything via email



*Personal training packages DO NOT include nutrition advice.  I HIGHLY recommend investing in a nutrition consultation in addition to your personal training for optimal results! 🙂

**Local – Within Merced County
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